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Vet Mind Works Podcast

Petra Agthe, Alison Collings, Monica Merlo

This podcast is for veterinary professionals who are looking for better ways of working and living. We discuss mind-sets, mind skills, behaviours and habits, which support sustainable performance and wellbeing in a challenging profession, and allow us to develop our own 'best veterinary self'. Podcast hosts Petra Agthe and Alison Collings (two vets with a long-standing interest in psychology and related disciplines) interview interesting guests, ranging from veterinary colleagues to psychologists, who share their knowledge, experiences and insights on specific subjects. Occasionally, we also schedule a 'rest and digest' episode in which we discuss and reflect on previous topics. This is a podcast for the whole veterinary community and we encourage listeners to provide feedback and enter the discussion! You can do this by sending us an email to We are happily funding this podcast ourselves to keep it independent. However, you can show your support by donating towards a fundraising campaign in aid of a mental health project for Ukrainian veterinary colleagues: