Vet Mind Works Podcast

1. Attention - with Steph Sorrell

August 03, 2022 Host: Petra Agthe Guest: Steph Sorrell Episode 1
Vet Mind Works Podcast
1. Attention - with Steph Sorrell
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Welcome to our very first episode with a guest! We are starting our podcast with a mini-series on the personal resources, which are essential for performance and wellbeing: attention, energy and time. We firmly belief that learning to manage these resources well is key to a sustainable and enjoyable work life- but of course this is not always easy and so we are inviting guests who can share their own insights and experiences around resource management. 

Our first guest is Steph Sorrell, European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine and RCVS Specialist in Feline Medicine. Steph has also completed the level 5 Diploma in Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing and Mindfulness Champion training and is passionate about increasing the mental health in the veterinary profession. 

Steph shares her own thoughts, insights and experiences about attention and attention control. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • How controlling our attention can improve the work we do, how we feel and our ability to reflect on our activities
  • Ways in which attention has helped Steph to deal with her own personal and professional challenges
  • The way in which attention can help us to process our emotions
  •  How we can learn to become more attentive 

Where to find Steph Sorrell:
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Tuesday evening sessions 8pm BST (together with Petra Agthe):
The live sessions are currently paused as we are working on a YouTube channel with on-demand recordings.

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Study about autopilot mentioned in the episode:
Killingsworth, M. and Gilbert, D. (2010). A wandering mind is an unhappy mind. Science, 330(6006), p.932.

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Introduction to episode
Introducing Steph Sorrell
Three reasons why attention is important
How attention helped Steph to overcome her own challenges
Attention and prioritisation
Attention, neuroplasticity and the fight or fight response
How we can become better in paying attention
The importance of attention for emotional processing and awareness of our bodies
The role of meditation
Pitfalls of attention and attention training
Attention vs mindfulness
Where you can find out more about Steph