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July 24, 2022 Petra Agthe, Alison Collings, Monica Merlo Episode 0
Vet Mind Works Podcast
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In this episode you can find out more about the podcast and its founders.
Contents include: 

  • Brief summary of purpose of the show, its schedule and planned contents for future episodes.
  • Monica, Alison and Petra introduce themselves and discuss:
    • Their professional and personal challenges to date, and the resulting insights and learning points 
    • Their main motivation for starting the podcast
    • Which contents and topics are particularly important to them
    • Who they would like the podcast to be for and what will be so special about this show

How To Support Us:
We are happily funding this podcast ourselves to keep it independent. However, you can show your support by giving a donation towards a mental health project for Ukrainian veterinary colleagues:

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Credits: Music- Deep Ambience by Coma-Media, Pixabay; Images for Artwork- OpenClipart-Vectors, Pixabay

Welcome & Overview
Who we are: personal and professional challenges and experiences
Our reason for doing this podcast
Which topics and contents we want to include
Who this show is for and what is so special about it
One final thing